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UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Sends Message Supporting Protests in Cuba


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UFC star Jorge Masvidal expressed his support on Tuesday to the protests that have been taking place in Cuba since Sunday. Masvidal, whose father is Cuban, assured that it is necessary for all citizens to support Cubans in their struggle for freedom.

In that sense, the fighter stressed that the whole world is watching through social media what is happening in Cuba and regretted that at present there are countries with totalitarian regimes that take away the freedom of their people.

“It is disgusting what is happening in countries like Cuba or Venezuela. I don’t think this is because of medicines. This has been going on for 61 years,” said Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal on supporting the protests in Cuba

On the other hand, he highlighted the support of the American society to the Cuban cause, and specifically of the Americans with Cuban roots in the United States. “We have to fight, we are going forward and we are here to help them,” he said.

“I am in the United States, as I was saying, I can say whatever I want and nothing happens, over there people are beaten until they are killed,” Masvidal said.

In another video posted by the fighter, but this one in English, he said: “What we should all be doing is fighting against oppression, dictators and communism, and everything of this nature. My father escaped from Cuba when he was 14 years old.”

Since Sunday there have been massive protests in Cuba demanding freedom. They have been supported by members of the Republican Party in the United States.

In that sense, Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar described the demonstrations as something never seen before.

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