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Ukraine Claims to Have Killed 11,000 Russian Soldiers and Destroyed 290 Enemy Tanks


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The Ukrainian Armed Forces put the number of casualties of Russian soldiers caused since the beginning of the offensive in that country, last February 24, at more than 11,000.

According to a report published by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on its Facebook page, up to this Monday, the Ukrainians have also destroyed a total of 290 enemy tanks, as well as 46 airplanes and 68 helicopters.

This balance, which is not possible to check with an independent source and which does not mention casualties or loss of own military equipment, assures that 999 Russian artillery systems or 454 vessels of different types have also been neutralized.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces explained in this balance sheet that the calculation of the damage in the enemy ranks “is being complicated by the high intensity of hostilities”.

Although the report does not include the losses suffered by the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian State Emergency Services have reported that civilian casualties alone amount to more than 2,000, but there is no independent verification of this figure.

For its part, the United Nations Office for Human Rights assured this Sunday that it has been able to verify that 1,123 civilian casualties, including dead and wounded, have been recorded in the war in Ukraine, but admitted that it believes the real figures are “considerably higher, particularly in government-controlled territory”.

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