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Ukraine Claims to Have Shot Down 70 Russian Aircraft Since Invasion Began

Ucrania, El American

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The Ukrainian Army would have shot down nearly 70 Russian aircraft, including planes and helicopters, since the invasion of its territory by Vladimir Putin’s troops began last Thursday, February 24.

According to estimates of the Armed Forces gathered by the local media, The Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense would have shot down 34 fighter planes and 37 Russian helicopters in 8 days of conflict.

The country’s Ministry of Defense, in the voice of its lieutenant general, Valerii Zaluzhny, declared this Friday morning that the last plane, an SU-25, was shot down and the pilot was killed. “Our army is dominating the skies over Ukraine,” Zaluzhny said.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told NATO members Friday during an extraordinary conference that they must “act now, before it is too late” and that, despite the huge and unexpected resistance their military has put up against Russia, they need the allies to assist with “concrete, resolute and swift actions.”

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