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Ukraine Says No Territory Will Be Surrendered to Russia

Gobierno ucraniano asegura que no va a "capitular ni a entregar una pulgada del territorio"

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said today that his country is not going to “capitulate or surrender an inch of the territory.”

“We are going to listen to what Russia wants to say (…) and to say what we think about this war,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy said at a press conference on talks to be held with Russia on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

He added that when last Thursday Russia launched the invasion it did not want negotiations and now, when it seems that it has failed its “blitzkrieg” plan and suffered losses due to Ukrainian resistance, it wants to negotiate.

“This for us is already a victory,” said Kuleba, who stressed that negotiations in no way mean that the Ukrainian armed forces will stop fighting Russian troops who entered their territory.

Kuleba stressed that the negotiations will not be held in Belarus, but on the border with Belarus, which Kyiv has accused of being complicit in Russia’s aggression for allowing Russian troops to attack Ukraine from its territory.

He revealed that Belarus was on the verge of entering the war on Russia’s side, but in the end, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko promised in a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymir Zelensky, that this will not happen.

“We will see if he keeps his word,” he said.

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