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Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Claims to Have Destroyed Over 1,800 Pieces of Russian Weaponry

The figures reported by Ukraine differ from those Russia has admitted and from U.S. government estimates

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According to reports from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the resistance of its Armed Forces to the Russian invasion has been devastating for Vladimir Putin’s army, which would have lost around 1,832 pieces of war weaponry since the invasion began last Thursday, February 24.

Ukrainian data suggest that its Armed Forces have destroyed 251 tanks, 105 artillery pieces, 939 armored personnel carriers, 50 MLRS, 2 boats, 404 cars, 60 fuel tanks, 3 UAV and 18 anti-aircraft warfare. A total of more than 1,800 pieces destroyed so far.

In addition, its anti-aircraft system would have destroyed 70 aircraft, including helicopters and fighter jets.

Ukrainian forces also reported that a total of 9,166 Russian soldiers were killed in the fighting although, according to a New York Times report, the U.S. government estimates that it is about 2,000 military personnel.

On the other hand, according to Russia’s state-run RT, the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted only 498 military casualties and 1,597 wounded as of Wednesday. In addition, they point out that 2,870 Ukrainian soldiers have died in combat, 3,700 were wounded and 572 were captured.

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The morale of Ukraine and its Ministry of Defense

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has insisted on reporting, with videos, photographs and announcements by its generals, the heroic resistance of its troops, who have kept control of Kyiv after 9 days of the conflict.

In a statement posted on social networks, Ukrainian army lieutenant general Valerii Zaluzhny said Friday morning that his troops are “dominating the skies of Ukraine.”

Later, in another post, the Ministry of Defense claimed that the army has “impressed its defensive group” after repelling enemy ground and air attacks. “The opponent is demoralized,” read the report. “The local population shows in every way that Russia is not happy here.”

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba on Friday contacted NATO members at an extraordinary conference where he called on them to “act before it is too late,” urging allies to assist Ukraine with “concrete, resolute and swift actions.”

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