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The UN Sides with Iran, Tells Biden to Lift Sanctions

La ONU se posiciona a favor de Irán y pide a Biden desmontar sanciones

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The UN positioned itself on Wednesday in favor of Iran and asked Joe Biden’s government to lift the sanctions imposed by the United States against the theocratic socialist regime.

The appeal comes as the United States and Iran negotiate indirectly in Vienna the return to the nuclear agreement from which the Trump administration withdrew, which the Persian country stopped complying with.

The UN Secretary General, the socialist António Guterres, asked the USA to lift the punishments again in a report presented to the Security Council and the message was reiterated in a debate in that body by the head of Political Affairs of the organization, Rosemary DiCarlo.

DiCarlo said the United Nations wants to see an end to sanctions as set out in the nuclear deal, an extension of exemptions for oil sales and purchases with Iran and a return to facilitating nuclear activities permitted under the pact.

He further argued that the Vienna talks offer a “key opportunity” for the U.S. and Iran to return to understanding and stressed that this would be welcome and of great importance.

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In the past, Donald Trump’s administration imposed sanctions on Iran and pulled out of the pact, as the theocratic regime, in addition to breaching the agreements, was using the money that had been enabled by the previous Barack Obama administration to finance terror campaigns in the Middle East and harass Israel, in addition to expanding its terrorist cells throughout Latin America.

During today’s debate on the Iranian nuclear issue in the Security Council, the European Union – which is coordinating the Vienna process – called for urgent progress and to take advantage of the “limited diplomatic window” that is open to bring all parties back into compliance with the agreement.