Univision’s Chief Editor Endorses Repression of Pro-freedom Truckers in Canada

Daniel Morcate referred to the truck drivers’ protests as “radical”

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Univision’s chief newsroom editor Daniel Morcate defended the Canadian government’s repressive measures against truckers who are protesting to demand an end to the vaccination mandate to enter the country.

“To satisfy their demands they went against the law, and the regulations and rules of one of most stable and effective democracies in the world,” Morcate defended.

The article by Univision’s Chief Newsroom Editor

Morcate acknowledges, in an article entitled: “Canada’s convoy of death,” that the situation is occurring at a time when more than 80% of Canadian truck drivers are vaccinated. However, he claims without evidence, that the demonstrations are a threat to public health.

“Rebel truckers were radical in their radicalism. Not only are they opposed to being vaccinated according to a mandate from Canada announced mid-January. Their protest is an obscurantist fury comparable to that we suffered at the beginning of the pandemic.” he wrote.

justin trudeau idiota semana
Univision’s chief newsroom editor backed the Trudeau government’s measures against truckers in Canada. (EFE)

The comments by the media outlet chief editor come amid warnings from various individuals and organizations about the decisions being made by the Trudeau government to deal with the demonstrations.

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For example, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association warned last week about the dangers of invoking emergencies law in the country and highlighted that it is a threat to democracy and the individual liberties of citizens.

The statement issued by the association was released after the Trudeau administration announced that it decreed the emergencies law until “order is restored across the country.”

“Governments regularly face difficult situations and do so using the powers granted to them by democratically elected representatives. Emergency legislation should not be normalized,” the association stated.

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