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Uribe Is of Crucial Importance for the New Colombia Right | Interview with Enrique Gómez

Uribe no puede faltar en construcción de nueva derecha en Colombia | Entrevista a Enrique Gómez

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According to Enrique Gómez, Colombian businessman, politician and former presidential candidate, former president Álvaro Uribe is necessary to rethink the Colombian right-wing. During a conversation with El American, he also stated that he is concerned about Gustavo Petro’s triumph as the new president.

Gómez explained that the left has promoted a strategy against Uribe in which they spread false information about the former president. He stated that part of Gustavo Petro’s triumph was due to the policies promoted by Iván Duque and highlighted that Petro’s election is “a wrong decision.”

However, the politician indicated that Colombia has entered a stage in which different political actors must join forces to face Petro and prevent him from destroying the country. In this sense, he insisted that Álvaro Uribe must be part of this group.

“We have to add many more people and, above all, activate many more citizens around politics to convince that other section of the electorate, who opted for Gustavo Petro’s proposals, to understand that this is not really a good route to achieve the common good,” said Gómez.

A warning to stop Petro, says Enrique Gómez

Enrique Gómez acknowledged that Petro’s closeness to Chavismo is worrying, but said he trusts Colombian institutions and citizens. For this reason, he believes it is essential to warn about the dangers when the Petrista government moves away from democracy.

“The defense of democracy must be a priority (…) I believe that the bulk of the people who voted for Petro will not follow him in that route of dismantling Colombian democracy. Therefore, my concern is to add and build a message in which Colombians understand the value of democracy.”

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