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Uruguay Suspends Covid Vaccination for Children Under 13 and Requests a Report of Adverse Effects


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This Thursday, the Uruguayan judiciary suspended the vaccination against covid-19 for minors under 13 years of age after the magistrate Alejandro Recarey granted an injunction filed by a lawyer.

On the second day of hearings, the judge issued the sentence that puts the vaccination in this age group on hold and may be appealed within 72 hours by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the President.

According to the ruling, read this Thursday at the Administrative Court of Uruguay, the suspension of the vaccination, which is not mandatory in the country, will be “immediate” until the requirements stipulated by Recarey are met.

The judge ordered the MSP and the Uruguayan Presidency to publish “in full” “all the purchase contracts” of the vaccines supplied in the country where the vaccines were inoculated with those of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the U.S. company Pfizer.

He also requested a written flyer to give to those under 13 years-old minors who desired to be vaccinated. The flyer should write “complete and clear” information on the substances contained in each vaccine, their benefits, risks, and the adverse effects “already detected.”

Recarey, who took the case as available fair judge, stipulated that once compliance with these provisions is accredited before the court “will be enabled” the possibility of “requesting the resumption, also immediately, of vaccinations”.

The case reached the hands of the Justice this week after the lawyer Maximiliano Dantone filed a petition for an injunction which included the request for the suspension. His plea was received with celebrations and chants such as “Children are not to be touched” by demonstrators in the vicinity of the judicial seat.

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