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Biden to Reopen Borders November 8—but not for Unvaccinated

Those who are unvaccinated will have to show a negative COVID test before entering the U.S. border

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The United States will reopen its land and air borders to fully vaccinated international passengers vaccinated from next November 8, the Biden White House announced Friday.

These travel restrictions, initially implemented by former President Donald Trump, had been in place since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and had been maintained by the current president, Joe Biden.

“The new U.S. travel policy requiring vaccination for foreign travelers to the United States will begin on November 8. This announcement and date applies to both international air and ground travel,” said a White House spokesman, Kevin Munoz, in a message on his official Twitter account.

The U.S. government had announced in late September that it would allow vaccinated international travelers to enter the country starting in early November but had not specified a date.

It subsequently announced the lifting of restrictions on overland travel from Canada and Mexico, also subject to the full vaccination requirement, by next month, again without providing specifics.

Friday’s announcement means that, as of November 8, Mexicans and other foreigners who wish to enter the United States for visits considered non-essential, such as tourism or most family gatherings, will be able to do so from the land border, as long as they have a full vaccination schedule.

International travelers who are vaccinated and flying from countries subject to travel restrictions due to the pandemic, a list that includes the 26 European states in the Schengen area -including Spain-, as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, and India, will also be able to do so.

The United States will accept all vaccines that have been licensed by the World Health Organization (WHO), including AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not yet specified whether it will accept other vaccines that are not licensed by the WHO and are being administered in Mexico, such as the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese CanSino.

Fully vaccinated international travelers will not have to comply with quarantine once they arrive in the United States, but they will have to provide contact information to facilitate traceability in case of contagion.

Unvaccinated Americans must submit a negative test one day prior to departure and be retested once in the United States.

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  1. Hello! May I please have the source for the information at the end of the article where you state that, “ Unvaccinated Americans must submit a negative test one day prior to departure and be retested once in the United States.” I have been looking for information particularly for US citizens that cross the Tijuana/SD border daily, not just pertaining to “travelers” or “foreigners” but American citizens. I appreciate your time and information very much. Thank you.

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