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U.S. Humiliated in Afghanistan: Biden Accepts Taliban-Imposed Evacuation Deadline

Estados Unidos humillado en Afganistán: Biden acepta el plazo final para la evacuación impuesto por los talibanes

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The humiliation of the United States in Afghanistan has been consummated. In addition to the military defeat and the loss of moral authority in the eyes of the world, there is now an ultimatum for the evacuation of troops imposed by the Taliban that the United States plans to comply with, according to a Biden administration official.

The news was recently published by The Associated Press, where it reads, “President Joe Biden has decided to stick with his deadline next week for completing the U.S.-led evacuation from Afghanistan, an administration official said Tuesday.”

“The decision reflects in part the U.S. military’s concern about increased security threats from the massive airlift that began 10 days ago,” the AP review continued.

The Biden administration, before the Taliban seized Kabul, had set Aug. 31 as the deadline for troop withdrawals, reducing the first stipulated date, which was Sept. 11. However, on Aug. 19, in the face of growing concern that he would not be able to evacuate all American and Afghan citizens at risk of their lives, the president told ABC News in an interview that troops could stay beyond Aug. 31 if necessary.

“If there are American citizens left, we will stay until we get them all out,” Biden said during the conversation. “We will determine at that time who is missing and if they are not out we will stay until we get them out.”

4 days later, on August 23, the Taliban gave the final deadline for the evacuation explaining that for them the August 31 date is a “red line.”

” Britain is urging Washington to extend the evacuation and Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to press Biden at an emergency G7 meeting on Tuesday,” Euronews reported on that day. “But Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has said that such a move by the US or the UK would mean “they are extending occupation” and would bring “consequences”, creating “mistrust” between the two sides.”

According to Fox News, the Biden administration’s acceptance of the Taliban ultimatum came “shortly after a Taliban spokesperson –- following a meeting between leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and CIA Director William Burns in Kabul –- said there will be “no extensions” to the Biden administration’s Aug. 31 date.”

Joe Biden to speak today on Afghanistan and final deadline for evacuation

The White House reported in a tweet that the emergency G7 meeting went ahead today and that President Biden will speak at the conclusion of the summit.

“Today, President Biden met virtually with G7 leaders to discuss a continuation of our close coordination on Afghanistan policy, humanitarian assistance, and evacuating our citizens, the brave Afghans who stood with us over the last two decades, and other vulnerable Afghans.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was reluctant and disappointed that he could not convince Joe Biden to extend the evacuation deadline. “They have heard what the President of the United States has said. They’ve heard what the Taliban have said,” Johnson told reporters. “We’re confident we can get thousands more people out, but the situation at the airport is not improving.”

There are still thousands of Americans and Afghan citizens who worked for the United States and the former Afghan government who are stranded in Afghanistan. As the hours tick by and August 31 approaches, the difficulty of getting into the Kabul airport and catching a flight out of Afghanistan increases desperately. Evacuation has officially become a race against time.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), an Afghanistan veteran, strongly criticized the Biden administration for accepting the final Taliban deadline: “The world just witnessed the President of the United States take orders from a band of barbaric terrorists while ignoring the pleas of our international allies and American citizens he will leave behind. Joe Biden is a coward.”

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