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Val Demings Promotes Open Borders While Living in Gated Community with 24-Hour Surveillance

Campaña de Marco Rubio cuestiona a Val Demings por su historial sobre violaciones de normas éticas del Congreso

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Florida Democratic Senate candidate Val Demings has called for an end to the walls that she believes divide Americans and has also pushed for an open borders policy. However, it was learned that she lives in a private, gated community.

According to a report published by Fox News, Demings lives in Phillips Landing, an exclusive 24-hour gated community with walls separating the neighborhood from others.

The house of Val Demings

And this is not a low-income community. According to real estate sites, the community is also affluent, with property listings ranging from $780,000 to more than $1.2 million.

“It is unclear which of the neighborhoods Demings lives in. However, the gated community in which Demings lives, which opposes voter ID laws and co-sponsored the Democrats’ election reform bill, requires visitors to show ID to enter.”

The media contacted the Democrat’s campaign to ask about the differences between her speeches and her personal life, but did not receive a response.

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