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Venezuela Faces the Largest Migrant and Refugee Crisis in the World

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The migratory and refugee crisis in Venezuela continues to grow. This Tuesday, it became the largest in the world, surpassing countries such as Syria and Ukraine, both at war. The information was given by David Smolansky, commissioner of the OAS General Secretariat for the Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis.

Smolansky detailed on Twitter that after conducting the necessary investigations, the figures confirming the news were received:

El American obtained a statement issued by the commissioner in which he insists that the high migratory flow of Venezuelans demonstrates how the lack of freedoms can generate a refugee crisis. “Ukraine has been the victim of an invasion for six months and Syria of an armed conflict for 11 years. Venezuela suffers from a brutal dictatorship responsible for the fourth largest complex humanitarian emergency on the planet, systematic violation of human rights, insecurity, the collapse of basic services, and a pulverized economy”, Smolansky detailed.

Crisis in Venezuela

He stressed that there would be no change in the situation if Nicolás Maduro remained in power in Venezuela. “The perpetuity of Nicolás Maduro will continue to cause walkers, castaways, and routes through the Darien Gap. There is an urgent need to get more serious about restoring democracy, the rule of law, and freedoms in Venezuela to stop a human landslide of biblical proportions. It is one of the largest migratory flows since World War II.”

Likewise, Smolansky asked the governments that receive Venezuelans to promote policies that facilitate their regularization. “We ask the governments of the region to speed up the regularization processes of Venezuelan migrants, guarantee the right to education and health, as well as provide opportunities to integrate into labor markets and implement policies of non-discrimination,” he said.

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