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Venezuelans at Oslo Freedom Forum Denounce Negotiations Between Chavism and ‘Opposition’

Oslo Freedom Forum

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The Organization of Venezuelan Political Persecuted in Exile (Veppex), held a protest this Tuesday in front of the New World Center in Miami, where the Oslo Freedom Forum was held, in it they described Leopoldo López, the Voluntad Popular Party and the interim government of Juan Guaidó as “collaborationist opposition.”

José Colina, president of Veppex, described how Venezuelans are “disappointed” to the point of organizing today’s protest and pointed out that the dialogues taking place in Mexico are a “waste of time.”

They are the “disappearance of the interim government because they ended up sitting down with a tyranny that they recognize as illegitimate and the only one they benefit is Nicolás Maduro,” said Colina.

Leopoldo López

Opposition leader Leopoldo López, who presented the case of Venezuela during the forum that analyzes tyrannies and how to fight them, said he understands the frustration of Venezuelans and recognizes that they made mistakes along the way.

“I have the frustration of not having achieved freedom for Venezuela, and it has been a very long, very toxic process,” he said.

López admitted that there has been “a drop in popularity” of Juan Guaidó: “That is true, but the reality is that Guaidó is still in Venezuela risking his life,” he emphasized.

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