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Venezuelans in the US Reject Maduro’s Electoral Farce


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The Organization of Venezuelans Persecuted in Exile (Veppex in Spanish) expressed on Monday its satisfaction because “not even the supporters of the regime went out to vote” in the “illegitimate” parliamentary elections held this Sunday and called on the international community not to recognize them.

“The low turnout yesterday showed that not even the supporters of the regime went out to vote and that Maduro is in power only because of the support of the military and armed criminal groups,” said Jose Antonio Colina, president of the Miami-based exile organization.

Veppex said in a statement that “90% of the Venezuelan people” abstained from participating in the “farce.”
“This expression of rejection shows that Venezuelans do not support the regime of Nicolás Maduro, nor do they believe in elections as a mechanism to topple the tyranny.”

Veppex thanked the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia, among other countries, which “have stated that they do not recognize the result of these elections because they consider it illegitimate.”
“We call on the countries that have not yet made an official statement, to ignore these elections that are not legitimate and have been widely rejected by all Venezuelans,” he stressed.

The organization committed itself to do “what is necessary so that once those who obtained a seat in the illegitimate assembly are known, they are internationally sanctioned for lending themselves to the great electoral fraud forged by Nicolás Maduro’s drug-tyranny”.

The majority of the Venezuelan opposition did not run in these elections because they consider them to be illegitimate.

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