Vish Burra

Vish Burra: ‘The Right Must Cancel the Cancellers’

Vish Burra sat down with El American to discuss the cancel culture, the problems, challenges, and new battle horizons of the right

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Former producer of Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, vice president of the New York Young Republican Club, and self-proclaimed “Destroyer of Worlds” Vish Burra sat down with El American to discuss the cancel culture, the problems, challenges, and new battle horizons of the right and how the right can finally defeat a culture and political war that has become even more inflamed.

Vish Burra is the definition of a political rockstar: a laidback with an undeniable and unusual talent. His style and ideas hint at a clear experience and an incisive mind for a political trench that needs just such a spark. Burra commented on how “the right must cancel the cancelers” and the need to create tools similar to those of the left to wage war correctly.

The young vice president of the oldest Young Republican club commented that the fundamental work within the American right must be more systemic than discursive, of communicating between the different strands and the different parties, from the one in the role of governing to the one in charge of organizing grassroots movements. ”

“Building bridges will give us the victory, that’s been my job,” Burra said. “We need to find people who can bridge the gap within the Party; then we can concentrate all that energy outwards towards our enemies and we will win.”

For Burra, the Republican establishment should focus on cultivating talented young people to serve the movement for a long time.

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The innovative strategy he proposes for the right is not only operational and ideological; it is also territorial. “I live a hundred feet away from the guy who hates me the most, so how can I deal with that?” Thus, he says that it will come down to creating strategic communities where population density plays in the right’s favor and where “geopolitical parameters define the calculus,” which will impose its will on the electoral, economic and social.

“If we identify what communities would be on our side and put them in places that are geographically helpful to us winning the political map, we can win,” he explained.

The increase in the presence of young people and minorities in the GOP is no accident, as Vish Burra expressed. He explained that young minority men are the future of the Party. In his view, this also responds to the “over-feminization of the world,” which is countered by a need for these young people to find their own value, becoming agents of order and virtue.

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