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Washington Post Will Force Employees to Get Vaccinated

Washington Post - mentira - El American

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The progressive newspaper Washington Post has sent a missive to all its employees demanding vaccination in order to return to work, thus limiting the individual freedoms of its staff, who wish to return to the offices will have to prove that they are vaccinated against the coronavirus, the newspaper’s editor informed them in a letter on Tuesday.

Starting next September 13, the newspaper’s employees will have to return to the office three days a week, so the paper’s publisher, Fred Ryan, urges them to “move quickly to coordinate vaccination” if they have not yet been inoculated.

Ryan claimed that the newspaper’s priority has been “the health, safety and welfare of employees,” which is why he is mandating vaccination for all members.

This measure will also apply to postal employees, contractors and guests wishing to enter the offices, added Ryan, who explained that people with religious or medical reasons for not being vaccinated should contact Human Resources.

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