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Biden Rejects Potential Hike in Federal Gas Tax to Fund Massive Infrastructure Plan

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The Biden White House on Monday rejected the possibility of a federal gas tax hike to fund their proposed infrastructure plan.

The possibility of a federal gas tax increase has come up in negotiations between Republicans and Democrats in Congress over the infrastructure investment plan put forward by Biden.

“One idea that’s been floating around that certainly the president would not support is a federal gas tax, which would increase taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in an interview on CBS.

“We’re not going to accept it,” Psaki remarked.

After several failed attempts, a bipartisan group of eleven Republican and nine Democratic senators have put forward a new infrastructure proposal worth nearly a trillion dollars for the renovation of roads, ports, airports and broadband internet access.

The federal gas tax in the United States, which has not changed since 1993, is 18.4 cents a gallon (3.78 liters), plus additional levies in each state.

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