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Wikipedia May Delete Page of ‘Mass Murders’ by Communist Regimes: Report

Wikipedia, El American

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According to The Telegraph, Wikipedia is considering deleting an entry on “mass murders under communism”. The platform claims that it is afraid of generating bias with the publication.

The media outlet detailed that the entry described the deaths of millions of citizens in dictatorships such as those in the Soviet Union and China. The article was marked for deletion because some users responsible for maintaining the site believe that communism should not be blamed for such mass murders.

Despite the reason they state, another article referring to anti-communist murders will remain, as “the entry describes occasions when communists have been killed under other systems.” 

Reactions to Wikipedia’s actions

The situation has generated reactions from many people, including Cambridge historian Professor Robert Tombs who said this action will downplay the links between genocides and ideology and that it would also prevent the teaching of crimes under fascism.

“This is morally indefensible, at least as bad as Holocaust denial because ‘linking ideology and killing’ is at the heart of why these things are important.”