Willie Colón Raises His Voice against the Left

Willie Colón Pushes Back Against The Woke Mob, Calls Out The Democratic Party

Willie Colón is a living musical legend among Latinos but is now facing criticism from the woke mob and the Democratic Party for supporting conservative principles.

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Willie Colón is a living musical legend. He is one of the legends of the urban salsa genre, and one of the main people responsible for the explosion of Latin music in the United States and around the world.

William Anthony Colón Román was born in The Bronx in 1950 to American-born parents of Puerto Rican descent. Since childhood, Colón showed a great musical talent, becoming successful not only as a wind instrumentalist, but also as a singer, composer and producer, creating and participating in some of the most emblematic compositions of Latin music.

Raised in The Bronx, proud of his origins, and extremely committed to his Latino community, Willie Colón has always been a transgressor, who has fought conventionalisms, making his way through effort and talent to create wonderful innovations and fusions, not only in the world of music, but also in political activism.

Like all innovative geniuses, Colón was initially criticized as a musician, accused of being strident, inharmonious, and even strange. But with commendable fortitude and conviction, he baptized himself as “El Malo” (the bad guy), until he became one of the most respected, influential and admired musicians, rubbing shoulders in the pantheon of salsa with figures such as Héctor Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Rubén Blades.

Now, Willie Colón is also “the bad guy” in the world of politics, for having become a supporter of Donald Trump and a supporter of conservative principles. We know that nowadays it takes a lot of courage and determination to stand up to leftist hegemony, as you become an immediate target of the progressive mobs that dominate both public opinion and the cultural industry establishment.

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Willie Colón and his political activism

Willie Colón has always stood out as a community leader, dedicating himself to the struggle for civil rights, particularly for Latinos. He was president of the Association of Hispanic Arts, a member of the board of directors of the Latino Commission on AIDS, a member of the United Nations Immigrant Foundation, and president of the Coalition for a Better New York, among other Latino initiatives.

However, this does not seem enough for the left, which criticizes him and accuses him of being a “traitor to Latinos” for supporting Trump. Obviously, this hostility from the left is because Willie Colón has become a major stumbling block to the Democratic Party’s intentions to monopolize and instrumentalize the Latino community for its own political benefit, as it has done with the black community.

The Democratic Party knows that one of the best ways to capture votes is through the support of celebrities, who are always willing to use their influence among their fans to strengthen the leftist narrative.

willie colon
Screen capture of Willie Colón‘s Twitter account

Willie Colón knows from experience that the values of effort and self-improvement, within the framework of freedom and American capitalism, are the ones that give the best results. He does not believe in the false and self-serving promises of the left about socialism, even if they call it “democratic socialism”, and compares the disastrous results of these policies in countries like Venezuela, with Trump’s achievements for Latinos in the United States, which have been the best in decades.

Now that every voice that does not sing the siren songs of the left is silenced by Big Tech and the mainstream media, voices like those of Willie Colón and El American must be heard more than ever by Latinos in the United States.

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