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Most Americans Support Pro-Freedom Protests in Cuba, Poll Shows

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Sixty-four percent of Americans blame communism for the massive protests that have taken place since July 11 on the island, while 16 % (mostly Democratic Party sympathizers) consider that the protests are a consequence of the embargo imposed by the United States against the Castro revolution. This was determined by Echelon Insights in a poll of 1,143 registered voters.

Most Americans blame communism

americanos culpa al comunismo, El American
“Republicans (44 %) and Democrats (43 %) agree that Joe Biden’s administration and American society should show public support for Cuban citizens protesting against communism.”

According to the poll results, 72% of the Republicans surveyed blame the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel for the conditions of the economy that resulted in massive protests, while only 10% believe that the embargo is to blame.

On the other hand, 61% of Democrats agree with Republicans that the dictatorship is to blame, although 20 % hold the United States responsible for the sanctions.

In general, Democratic Party sympathizers are more likely to blame the embargo than Republicans and independents.

However, 44% of Democrats surveyed agree with increasing sanctions against the Cuban dictatorship, while 29% oppose them. In contrast, 57% of Republicans support increased sanctions while 20% oppose them.

Overall, 48% of those surveyed think they should be strengthened and 25% think the opposite.

Republicans (44%) and Democrats (43%) agree that the Biden administration and American society should show public support for Cuban citizens protesting against communism. However, a majority of independents (40%) believe otherwise.

However, the poll results show strong bipartisan support for the proposal to provide satellite Internet to Cubans on the island in order to allow communication with the world.

In total, 65% of those surveyed responded positively to the measure. Democrats represent a majority in this category with 71% in favor compared to 60 % of Republicans who agree.

Finally, the survey showed that American voters are mostly aware of what is happening in Cuba, while only 28% say they have not heard anything about it.

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