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During August a Record 5,833 Citizens Left New York to Move to Florida

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More and more New Yorkers are choosing to leave their home state in search of greater individual freedoms. While they move all over the country, there is one place they decide to relocate to that stands out above the rest: Ron DeSantis‘ Florida. Indeed, a recent study revealed that August was a record month for this internal migration.

According to a New York Post analysis of data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 5,833 residents of the state governed by Katy Hochul changed their driver’s licenses to Florida.

This figure raised to 41,000 the total number of citizens who left the Empire State, packed their bags, and landed in the “sunshine state.”

In an interview with the newspaper, Alvin Valley, a fashion designer who moved to Palm Beach during the coronavirus pandemic, described this strong migration to the south. “First, it was the billionaires. Then it was the rich following behind them. Now you have the middle class,” he said.

“A lot of families just began to feel like New York was becoming unlivable,” he said. “Especially for younger couples with kids in their thirties and forties. They don’t want to get on the subway. It’s a safety issue; it’s a schools issue.” he added.

John Macari, a retired NYPD lieutenant, also spoke to the New York Post and specified what were the causes of this accelerated immigration. “With the rise in crime and zero competence from our elected officials and a lot of people just don’t see a future in New York City for themselves,” he said.

The current trend suggests that immigration from New York to Florida may break the 2021 mark, when 61,728 New Yorkers moved to the state governed by Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis receives endorsement from Florida Democratic official

The Florida incumbent recently received the official endorsement of David Kerner, a Democrat and Palm Beach commissioner.

“Every day until November 8, I will campaign for Governor DeSantis and on November 8, I will vote for Governor DeSantis. And today, I proudly endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election as the Governor of the great state of Florida,” Kerner said at a campaign rally.

“Governor DeSantis has demonstrated himself beyond worthy of the humbling duties of this office. And he has done so with the level of dignity, purpose, and respect that is lost in the public sphere today. It may come as a shock to many of you, or at least many of my friends that as a Democratic elected officer in deep blue Palm Beach County, I’m endorsing Republican governor.” he added.

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