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Here are El American’s Best Exclusive Interviews of 2021

Las mejores entrevistas exclusivas en El American en 2021

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2021, like its predecessor, was no ordinary year. It was convulsive, agitated, and full of government overreach around the world. Amid the uncertainty caused by a pandemic, the battle of ideas raged on new planes and took new forms. At El American, we made sure that no loose ends were left untied, and we set out to talk to those who knew how to tie them up. Here is a selection of our top interviews of 2021.

Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. During the month of January, when the United States was undergoing a difficult political transition after a controversial election, our co-editor-in-chief, Orlando Avendaño, spoke with the former president of Colombia about the policies of the now-former Republican President Donald Trump. In that interview, Uribe gave El American his impression of Big Tech’s media hegemony and his concern about the threat of Cuban infiltration in his country.

Later in May, as Colombia was the victim of a wave of organized violence that left more than 700 police wounded and one killed, Uribe spoke with El American again, this time with our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, to discuss the threat posed to the region by the violent but rapid advance of the Colombian left.

Santiago Abascal, President of Vox. As the year began and the left advanced both in the United States and the rest of the world, the leader of the Spanish conservative party Vox, Santiago Abascal, spoke in an exclusive interview with Orlando Avendaño about the challenges faced by libertarian and conservative parties around the world, as well as the need for an alliance to face common threats.

Roger Stone, strategist and former Trump advisor. Midyear, El American spoke with the veteran Republican political strategist, who reflected on the importance of the Fourth of July, the validity of Independence values in American politics and the future of the GOP. He also offered details about his fight against political persecution, of which he has been a victim in recent years.

Venezuelan political leader María Corina Machado. One of our most recent but most relevant interviews is the one Orlando Avendaño held with the leader of the Venezuelan liberal party, Vente Venezuela. In a fluent conversation of just over 30 minutes, Machado explained her proposal to overthrow the tyrannical regime of Nicolás Maduro, which involves a genuine electoral process in which Venezuelans elect a new opposition leadership.

Christina Pushaw, Florida Press Secretary. The governor of the ‘sunshine state,’ Ron DeSantis, has turned out to be quite a revelation for Republican politics. Few expected DeSantis’ popularity to position him as a potential candidate for the U.S. presidency, so the liberal media has been relentless against him (especially during the pandemic). El American spoke with his ace up his sleeve, his fearless and feisty press secretary, Christina Pushaw, about the challenge facing Florida and the office of its Republican governor.

Yeonmi Park, a survivor of the North Korean regime. El American was honored to interview one of the most important freedom fighters in the East, whose testimony has served to expose the cruelty of Kim Jong-un’s ruthless regime. In a heartfelt conversation, Yeonmi Park told our editor-at-large, Ben Kew, that fighting China is the only way to free North Korea.

Donald Trump Jr. During the conferences organized by Turning Point USA in July this year, our chief correspondent Anna Paulina Luna had the opportunity to hold an exclusive interview with businessman Trump Jr. about the Biden administration’s handling of issues such as the delicate political situation in Cuba, the border crisis and how it has become normal to sexualize children.

The creators of Chivo Wallet in El Salvador. Vanessa Vallejo had the opportunity to sit down with Franco Niebles and Juan Guillermo Sanchez, two Colombian entrepreneurs who participated in the development of the digital wallet that today makes possible the free handling of Bitcoin in El Salvador.

U.S. Representative Carlos Giménez. Another great interview was Orlando Avendaño’s interview with the former Miami-Dade Mayor and now U.S. Representative Carlos Giménez (R-FL), who joined Reps. Maria Elvira Salazar, Nicole Malliotakis and Victoria Spartz in a retaining wall against the socialist squad of AOC, Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar, among others. Among other big statements against socialism, Giménez told Orlando that Miami will replace Silicon Valley and become the technology capital of the United States.

The former CIA officer who chased down “Che” Guevara. Our columnist Julio M. Shiling talked to Felix Rodriguez, a Cuban who served as a CIA officer and participated in important operations such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the capture of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Bolivia. Rodriguez, decorated with the Intelligence Star, gave details of that great operation in which he found the whereabouts of one of the most significant criminals of the Cuban Revolution.

Enrique García, a former Cuban intelligence officer. Vanessa Vallejo also held an exclusive interview with a former Cuban intelligence officer, Enrique García, who spoke live about the danger that the communist dictatorship of Miguel Díaz-Canel, heir to the Castro family, represents for the region and the world.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL). Amid an avalanche of Hispanics migrating to the Republican Party, El American spoke exclusively with former Florida Governor and National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman Rick Scott, who offered his thoughts on the matter: “Hispanics are Republicans. They believe in what we believe in. They believe in faith, they believe in freedom. They believe in family. And so do we.”

Many of the challenges that began in 2021 continue with greater force and depth in 2022. At El American, we are ready to address them. Witness our experience through our YouTube channel and follow us on our official social media accounts.

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