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The Best Memes of the Week: Between Hispanics and Biden’s Celebrity Groupies

Los mejores memes de la semana: entre la hispanidad y los famosillos fans de Biden

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The best memes of the week started with Columbus Day memes and continued with celebrities who, as the election approaches, are getting behind Biden.

The best Hispanic Heritage Day memes

Nothing fits more with the victimhood narrative of the left than the Black Legend about the Discovery of America. Not to detract from the work that memes are doing to get Hispanics to wake up from the hypnosis into which they have been plunged by Black Legend apologists like Eduardo Galeano.

mejores memes columbus
“Columbus was an immigrant who brought diversity to America.” Source: JNM
mejores memes warren
“Happy Indigenous Peoples Day.” Source: The Right to Bear Memes
mejores memes discover
“Nice Meme. Be a shame if someone DISCOVERED IT.” Source: What I Meme to Say
mejores memes derecha
“Oh look, here it comes the extreme right.” Source: Original adaptation from Javi Marenas
mejores memes columbus day
Source: Daniel Pirotto
mejores memes comer
“We are the daughters of the indigenous people that the Aztecs could not eat.” Source: Blas de Lezo

The best memes about the unconditional support for Biden

It doesn’t fail, the closer an election gets, the more celebrities from the entertainment world, who think they are intellectuals because they are artists, come out in droves to support the Democrats or, at the very least, to talk about the fetish issues of the left.

Of course, the keyboard warriors of social media also join the chorus without any blushes.

mejores memes celebrities taylor
“Makes Millions Singing About Her Bad Choices in Men. Endorses Joe Biden.” Source: Chicks on the Right
mejores memes celebrities madonna
“I’m Gay Now / Ok Madonna, Let’s Get You to Bed.” Source: Owen Benjamin
mejores memes libs
“Batshit crazy TikTok posted by a leftist / The same TikTok posted by libs of TikTok/ Leftists.”
mejores memes inflation
“Waiting For the Inflation Reduction Act to Reduce Inflation.” Source: For America
mejores memes halloween
“Halloween under Trump / Halloween under Biden.” Source: For America
mejores memes mean tweets
“But at least no more mean tweets.” Source: Dumbass Photoshop
mejores memes ww3
“Would’ve Been Worse If Trump Was in Office… Or If We Weren’t Vaxxed.” Source: The Right to Bear Memes
mejores memes aoc
“Suddenly Unwoke: AOC Mocked for Not Wanting Migrants in Her District / There Are 3 Things Certain in Life: Death, Taxes… And Blatant Leftist Hypocrisy.” Source: Students for Trump

Other best memes of the week

The first season of The Rings of Power has finally ended, although Amazon is threatening with a second one. The only good thing it has left us with are some memes.

mejores memes rings
“The damage of Isildur / The damage of Durin / The damage of Amazon.”
mejores memes rey
“Republicans: Solutions to Every Problem / Democrats.” Source: Students for Trump

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