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Naomi Watts and Bryce Dallas Howard: Unbearable Feminist Victimhood in Hollywood

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Actresses Naomi Watts and Bryce Dallas Howard have been the latest to feed Hollywood’s feminist victimhood, which is the main transmission belt for leftist ideas. When the political message is not implicitly or explicitly embedded in their films, celebrities take it upon themselves to spread it through interviews.

Marxism is one of the viral ideas that has mutated most and best throughout history. It is a viral idea both for its contagiousness and its harmfulness, and Hollywood is one of the most effective “superspreaders” it has ever had.

The original Marxist class struggle has evolved into different variants, one of the most widespread being the phenomenon of feminism. Feminist demands for wage equality are the closest thing to the Marxist discourse of exploitation of the proletarians by the owner of the means of production, simply changing the former for women and the latter for men.

Perhaps because of this obvious similarity, the subliminal Marxist message has not remained there, but tries to camouflage itself behind all kinds of alleged grievances suffered by women, even the most privileged Hollywood actresses. If even divas suffer, how can the rest of us, mere mortal women, not suffer?

A few days ago, British actress Naomi Watts told Entertainment Weekly that when she was starting out in the American film industry: “I was told, ‘You better get a lot done because it’s all over at 40 when you become unf—able.”

Her response, she said, was: “And I’m like, ‘What? What does that mean exactly?’ Then you think about it, and you go, ‘Oh, right. When you are no longer reproductive, when those organs are no longer functioning, you are not sexy, so, therefore, you are not hirable.’ That just made me so mad.”

Curiously, Naomi Watts did not reveal who made the comment, but it seems clear that her response was dictated by the hegemonic ideology in Hollywood, in its feminist variant, specifically in its current victimhood woke branch.

Even if she worked for the porn film industry, her answer would be incorrect. Just look at how successful the subcategory of “MILFs” (mature women) is in that industry. Working as she works for the “normal” film industry, her explanation is not only incorrect, but ridiculously victimizing.

Unless you are an actress who has built her career solely around physical attractiveness, age is not a limiting factor for a good actress. Meryl Streep has not been of childbearing age for some time, and not only has she kept her career on the upswing, but it has been in the last few decades that she has garnered the most success and recognition.

Like Meryl Streep, many other older actresses are the living example that what Naomi Watts claims can only be the result of a vision of reality totally distorted by the progressive narrative.

Bryce Dallas Howard and feminist victimhood against “fatphobia”.

Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of famed director Ron Howard, seems to be the new Hollywood actress – but she won’t be the last – to resort to feminist victimhood to promote her work. 

A few months ago she used the ace up her sleeve of wage inequality, now, having temporarily exhausted that card, she has opted to complain using one of the new mutations of feminist ideology: fatphobia.

“How do I say this … [I’ve] been asked to not use my natural body in cinema,” she said for Metro as she recalled her involvement in the Jurassic World saga, where they say she did her own stunts. “I got to do so many stunts that wouldn’t have been possible if I had been dieting.”

It will have to be explained to elite athletes that dieting is actually affecting their performance. If they were not dieting, they would be capable of much more with their natural bodies, at least according to Bryce Dallas Howard’s theory.

The most ridiculous part of his victimhood is that his castmate in the Jurassic saga, Chris Pratt, had a bountiful silhouette when he rose to fame with Parks & Recreation, and had to work his ass off in the gym to sculpt the proper physique to play the intrepid Peter Quill and Owen Grady, in Guardians of The Galaxy and Jurassic World respectively.

bryce dallas howard chris pratt
Bryce Dallas Howard (L) and Chris Pratt (R) promoting Jurassic World (EFE by Emilio Naranjo).

Chris Pratt did not complain about it, just as other actors such as Matthew McConaughey or Christian Bale, who have undergone radical changes to their bodies – putting their health at risk – to meet the requirements of the script, have not complained about it.

Feminists talk a lot about sorority and female empowerment, but the truth is that it seems that Hollywood actresses do nothing but whine and complain to get roles in the first place, and to stay in the limelight without making any sacrifices. It is as if once they have achieved success, their mere status as women grants them a sort of perpetual position in the industry.

Their feminist speeches loaded with victimhood, far from seeking to help all actresses, what they do is to blame talented young women, preventing them from breaking through under the suspicion of being detrimental to their older peers. They divert the blame to “heteropatriarchy”: the perfect scapegoat for those who are not willing to continue competing in a fair fight.

There are clear similarities between Hollywood’s feminist victimhood and the leftist mentality that abhors meritocracy, seeking to impose itself in all spheres of life.

Ignacio Manuel García Medina, Business Management teacher. Artist and lecturer specialized in Popular Culture for various platforms. Presenter of the program "Pop Libertario" for the Juan de Mariana Institute. Lives in the Canary Islands, Spain // Ignacio M. García Medina es profesor de Gestión de Empresas. Es miembro del Instituto Juan de Mariana y conferenciante especializado en Cultura Popular e ideas de la Libertad.

Social Networks: @ignaciomgm

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