Alcalde de Blasio recibe duras críticas por incitar al odio tras el veredicto que absolvió a Kyle Rittenhouse

De Blasio Under Fire after Violence-Inciting Rittenhouse Tweet: ‘We Can’t Let This Go’

New York’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that the jury’s decision is “disgusting” and “sends a horrible message to this country.”

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is getting harsh criticism on social media following the verdict acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges he faced. The Democrat said the jury’s decision is “disgusting and sends a horrible message to this country.”

“Where is the justice in all of this?” asked Bill de Blasio. “We can’t let this go. We need tougher laws to stop violent extremism within our own nation. Now is the time.”

Immediately, the Democratic mayor began getting hundreds of responses via Twitter. “This reads like incitement,” said activist Ian Miles Cheong.

“In other words, ‘we need tougher laws’ that allow prosecutors to more easily jail people we don’t like. That’s the new line among the ‘criminal justice reform’ crowd,” reinterpreted journalist Michael Tracey.

“Are you saying that the men and women on the jury don’t deserve respect unless they agree with you?” responded James DePorre who is, according to his profile, a law and business graduate of the University of Michigan

A second tweet from Bill de Blasio received three times as much criticism.

Bill de Blasio not only tweeted to rebuke the jury’s decision, but also sent out a second tweet speaking out about the men who died in the Rittenhouse incident.

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“Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum are victims. They should be alive today,” Bill de Blasio tweeted. “The only reason they are not is because a violent and dangerous man decided to carry a gun across state lines and start shooting people. To call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement.”

Just as happened with the first tweet, criticism of the Democrat was swift, especially since the late Huber and Rosenbaum have a violent and criminal history that was recalled by users on Twitter. In addition, many accused de Blasio of not knowing the facts and evidence in the case, compelling enough to acquit Rittenhouse of all charges.

“The reason I’m so sure that the vast majority of people who condemned this verdict didn’t watch much or any of the trial is because many of their statements reveal a total ignorance of basic facts, like this one,” journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote, citing the Democrat’s tweet.

“Can’t wait for him to sue you too,” tweeted Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Her response already has more than 11,000 likes, while the New York mayor’s tweet has only 3,000 ones while racking up more than 5,000 direct quotes.

“You are fanning the flames of violence in the city you have already destroyed. You are a disgusting human being,” wrote Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

“SHAME ON YOU, APOLOGIZE, Kyle was found INNOCENT!” tweeted conservative Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). “Rosenbaum spent 15 years in prison for sexual abuse of 5 preteen boys. Huber served time for 2 felony counts of strangulation and suffocation, and false imprisonment. Kyle defended his life from them.”

“The jury has found that they were in fact molesters intent on harming Kyle Rittenhouse,” said journalist Tim Pool.

Beyond Mayor de Blasio’s tweets and opinions, adding to the wave of collective outrage from activists, media and progressive politicians, the jury was clear: Kyle Rittenhouse was found “not guilty” of all charges. The evidence, robust, showed that he acted in self-defense. He is now a free and innocent man.

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