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Chilean Assemblywoman Introduces Bill to Abolish Government, Endorses ‘Soviet’ Communism as Replacement

Constituyente chilena presentó proyecto que disuelve los poderes del Estado

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María Rivera, a Chilean constituent assemblywoman, presented a bill that sought to dissolve the powers of the State and establish a Plurinational Assembly in its place.

“We propose to dissolve the current state institutions and replace them with a single assembly, which concentrates all powers and is organized in a different way, with representatives elected from their territories and workplaces,” said Rivera.

Dissolve the powers of the State

The specific proposal was that this assembly is composed by the different sectors of society, but without the presence of owners of large companies and land, or bankers; and also avoiding the high hierarchy of the churches, the officers of the Armed Forces and order and security, and management of large companies. 

It also proposed that the adhesion of representatives of native peoples “should be free and voluntary.” “The right to self-determination of all peoples who do not want to be part of the Chilean State must be guaranteed.”

Despite Rivera’s efforts, her proposal was unanimously rejected by the commission. The presentation of the initiative took place in the midst of the discussion in the thematic commissions on proposals for norms.  

This is not the only controversial issue within the constituent commissions. For example, freedom of conscience and religion was the first thematic section to be voted on and the majority of initiatives received a negative vote.

“The proposal, which sought to contribute to the Convention by proposing a text on religious freedom and conscience in the new Constitution and had more than 28 thousand signatures, was rejected by a large majority,” according La Tercera of Chile.

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