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Musician Chingo Bling: The Hollywood Elite Is Ignoring the ‘Atrocities on the Border’

Chingo Bling: «Celebridades no hablan de la atrocidad que ocurre en la frontera»

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Chingo Bling has had an influential career. He is a musician, but also a host of a program that has generated a stir in recent months. However, it was only recently that he realized that he held conservative ideas. Now he is an important voice for conservatives with Latino roots in the United States.

In an interview with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, Bling said that it all started in 2020 when he began to realize that, in a certain way, he was being used to manipulate public opinion.

He says that, in addition, COVID restrictions showed him that many Democratic governors were not doing a good job. He is grateful to have lived in a state like Texas that remained free and respectful of freedoms.

“In 2020, I really started seeing a lot of the hoaxes debunked. I started seeing a lot of hypocrisy. We saw cities across America on fire, Democratic Mayors not accepting help, Democratic Governors doing lockdown measures,” said Chingo Bling.

He also indicated that he stayed away from conservatives because he cared about feelings and not actual facts, something that did not allow him to realize that he was promoting what he now calls a “dangerous narrative.”

Chingo Bling on migration

In the interview, Bling referred to the border and stated that he was not seeing how this situation benefits illegal businesses and how this affects women and children who decide to migrate. He also assured that he himself was a witness of the crisis at the border.

He commented that as the son of migrants, he is empathetic with those immigrants who decide to seek a better quality of life in the United States and acknowledged that migration contributes to the country’s economy.

“My issue for the longest time has been the border and immigration, as a son of immigrants I’m very empathetic with immigrants and people trying to come here for a better life. I understand that this country was founded by immigrants and I also know that immigration arguably is good for our economy depending on who’s coming.”

Chingo Bling - El American
Chingo Bling said that he has witnessed a migration crisis. (EFE)

In this regard, he criticized the position of celebrities and the Hollywood elites that remain silent in the face of one of the largest immigration crises that our country has faced in its history.

“All celebrities now are very silent. They are not speaking about the atrocity of what’s happening at our Southern border.”

Similarly, he explained that it was not easy to come out as a pro-Trump conservative, but that his commitment is to Americans and Latinos in the United States.

“What they fail to realize is that because I care about my people, my community, my country, I had a moral consciousness. I feel like ringing the alarm, I can’t stay on the side of it. I’ve never been beholden to Hollywood. I’ve never been for the status quo. I have always been very outspoken,” he said.

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