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Colombia: Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Petro

Petro, El American

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Petro is a convinced communist as he declares unambiguously in his autobiography. He is a Marxist-Leninist more structured than Fidel Castro and more messianic than Hugo Chavez. He believes that to save humanity from climate change it is necessary to “overcome capital” and “produce only necessary things”. And he is the anointed one for that task. Pure and hard Communism.  All other proposals for “change” are pure distractors to attract the unwary.

2. Petro is the candidate of the São Paulo Forum. All the parties and movements that support Petro are part of the São Paulo Forum, an organization founded in 1990 by Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva with the objective of “transforming capitalist production relations”, as it reads in the programmatic document “Consensus of Our America,” elaborated by the Forum’s Working Group, gathered in Managua, in February 2017, under the leadership of the dictators of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega; Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro; and Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

3. Petro is, consequently, the candidate of the three bloodiest dictators in the recent history of Latin America: Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Miguel Díaz-Canel of Cuba.

4. Petro is the candidate of the Farc, the ELN, the drug traffickers of the Clan del Golfo and the most corrupt politicians in the country, including those imprisoned in the Picota, who want nothing more than to continue plundering the treasury.

5. Petro proposes the massive monetary counterfeiting until the currency is completely destroyed, stripping it of all purchasing power, as Lenin did in Russia, as Castro did in Cuba, as Chavez did in Venezuela. The destruction of the national currency is accompanied by the absolute prohibition for the majority of the population to have access to other currencies. Stripped of currency, people are at the mercy of the tyranny that manu militari decides where you can live, where you can go or what you can eat.

6. Petro proposes to steal the food of the poor by provoking shortages and shortages by controlling rents, prices and wages and raising the customs duty so that the goods import and services are only available to the corrupt oligarchy that through exchange control monopolizes access to foreign currency.

7. Petro proposes confiscatory taxes on land, the expropriation of pension savings and a national tax increase of more than 30% to finance the payrolls of his cronies and to distribute permanent and unconditional subsidies to all political clientele.

8. Petro proposes to prohibit the construction of hydroelectric power plants, which means wasting a potential of 60,000 MW, leading to rationing and higher electricity prices.

9. Petro proposes to prohibit oil exploration, fracking, mining and exploitation of offshore gas fields, which would reduce the country’s foreign income by 40% and lead to energy rationing and higher energy prices.

10. Petro, in order to implement his dark program of destruction of the economy and generalized impoverishment, will put an end to liberties, dismantle democracy, censor the press and violate the rule of law.

Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez is an economist and consultant at the Center for Systemic Economics Studies (ECSIM). @LuisGuillermoVl // Luis Guillermo Vélez Álvarez es economista y consultor del Centro De Estudios En Economía Sistémica (ECSIM). @LuisGuillermoVl

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