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‘My Mom Survived Communism’: Trump Jr. Calls for Unity to Defeat Socialism

«Mi mamá sobrevivió al comunismo»: Trump Jr. pidió unirse para vencer al socialismo


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During his speech at Turning Point USA 2021 held in Tampa, Florida, businessman Donald Trump Jr. told the story of how his mother was saved from communism. In addition, he called on Americans to unite to confront and end socialism.

Trump explained that his mother left communist Czechoslovakia for sports competitions and when her parents saw what America was like, they realized that what they were living under socialism was not right. “They saw that we have freedom,” Trump assured.

Similarly, the son of former President Trump explained that all defenders of freedom must unite to prevent voices like the former president’s from being silenced. “If we unite and we all fight for the same thing in the same process, we can actually win because they can’t take us all out and we have to.”

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Donald Trump Jr. on socialism and the pro-green culture

Trump Jr. also addressed the pandemic situation. He argued that the theory that the virus came out of a lab was ruled out because it was pushed by his father. However, he insisted that it is the most scientifically logical theory.

During the meeting with young conservatives attending Turning Point USA 2021, Trump criticized that in recent days it seemed that not much account is taken of science. For example, he said it is not consistent with science for transgender men to participate in women’s sports competitions.

Turning Point USA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk. Since its founding, it has embarked on a mission to build the most organized and active network of conservative grassroots activists on high school and college campuses across the country.