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Dave Chapelle Explains Why Trump Is So Popular: Calls Him an ‘Honest Liar’

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On his latest SNL monologue, Chapelle talked about various controversial figures, including Donald Trump. Despite the interpretation from some media figures, the comedian ended up defending (sort of) the former president by saying no one ever told the truth about the political establishment as he did. Watch:

“No one had ever seen somebody come from inside that house, outside and tell all the commoners, we are doing everything you think we are doing inside that house, then he goes right back in the house and starts playing the game again.”

Chapelle also spoke about other contentious topics such as Kanye West and Kyrie Irving’s cancellation due to their antisemitic comments.

After the monologue, several Jewish organizations, such as ADL, complained about the content of Chapelle’s jokes about Kanye and Kyrie. The statements express concerns about the comedian minimizing the comments made by these prominent public figures and failing to condemn them outright. 

Independent Writer. Marketing and communications strategist for politicians, artists, public figures & corporate brands for more than 10 years. Contact: @alejandrosbasso (Twitter)
Escritor independiente. Consultor en marketing y comunicaciones de políticos, artistas, figuras públicas y marcas por más de 10 años. Contacto: @alejandrosbasso (Twitter)

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