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El American Libre 4: Democrats Take Cue from Hugo Chávez to Pack the Supreme Court

El American Libre 4: los demócratas quieren expandir la Corte como lo hizo Hugo Chávez

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In a new edition of El American Libre, host Pablo Kleinman, addresses the current topic of how the Democratic Party wants to pack the Supreme Court.

Kleinman recalls how in the past then-Senator Biden (D-DE) gave a speech referring to court-packing, citing former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s plan to increase the Supreme Court from nine to fifteen justices, which would assure him the approval of the New Deal.

At the time, the Democratic Party itself disagreed with Roosevelt’s power-grab attempt, believing that the Supreme Court should be independent and should not respond to partisan passions or silent coercion, as originally envisioned by the Framers.

Kleinman also touched on Biden’s hesitancy to express his ideas about proposals to pack the Supreme Court. But now, the U.S. has finally learned that the president has agreed to the very measure that the Democratic Party itself blocked in the past.

With the recent appointment of a special commission to study the possibility of packing the Court, in Kleinman’s view, Democrats are looking to move forward on that proposal — regardless of the outcome.

“We are witnessing a power play to subdue weak GOP-appointed justices, such as Justice John Roberts, who professes above all else a concern for the Court’s ostensible institutional integrity,” Kleinman asserted.

For the presenter, avoiding the appointment of markedly conservative judges was a historic strategic mistake on the part of the Republicans; a mistake that Trump did not make. He added that this attitude of the former president will influence as an example on future Republican presidents regarding the Supreme Court.

“Democrats have never had any qualms about appointing left-leaning justices to the Supreme Court whenever they could, as in the case of Sotomayor and Kagan,” he said.

Taking Cues from Venezuela to Pack the Supreme Court

In Kleinman’s view, the Democrats are following the Hugo Chavez model for controlling the Supreme Court. That effort, he says, goes hand in hand with a number of other factors that make up a major attempt by the left to accumulate power. Among the other measures supported by Democrats for this power-grab, he cites the attempted transformation of Washington, D. C. into a federal state to break the tie in a number of Senate seats.

His analysis suggests that Biden is operating as a Trojan Horse for the extreme left in his party and that, as this ideology is rampant in the Democratic ranks, he is following them to gain popularity.

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Democrats believe proposals to pack the Supreme Court are the best way to control it (Flickr)