Ron DeSantis: "Elegir a un ex narcoterrorista y marxista para dirigir Colombia va a ser desastroso"

DeSantis Warns of ‘Disastrous’ Consequences of the Election of Marxist Gustavo Petro in Colombia

“We’ll continue to stand with the people of Florida here who are passionatee about freedom in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in Colombia,” said the governor

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The governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, expressed on Monday his concern regarding the results of the presidential election in Colombia, in which the far-left candidate, Gustavo Petro, was victorious, referring to him as a “former narco-terrorist Marxist.”

DeSantis posted on Twitter an excerpt from a press conference along with a text that reads: “The election in Colombia of a former narco-terrorist Marxist is troubling and disappointing. The spread of left-wing totalitarian ideology in the Western Hemisphere is a growing threat. Florida stands with Colombian Americans on the side of freedom.”

The Republican governor said he finds the results of Colombia’s election “very, very troubling” given that a former guerrilla with a Marxist ideology will take power for the first time in that country’s history.

“To elect a former narco-terrorist and a Marxist to lead Colombia is going to bee disastrous,” DeSantis told reporters. “We stood with the people here in Florida that have ties to Colombia, we’ve had a great relationship with Colombia as a state, we were all hoping that the outcome would be different, but we have got a problem in the Western hemisphere with Marxism and totalitarianism really spreading.”

Although you would think communism lost the Cold War, DeSantis said, it is still “rearing its head” 25 years later. The Republican offered his and Florida’s solidarity to all Colombians and native Colombian residents at a time of concern for their country’s future.

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“We’ll continue to stand with the people of Florida here who are passionatee about freedom in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in Colombia, but very, very disappointing and very, very troubling result in that election,” he added.

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