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Rep. Diaz-Balart: Biden Sides with Cuba’s Communism, Not the Cuban People

Díaz-Balart, El American

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This Tuesday, Cuban-American Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart referred to the stance that the Biden administration has taken with respect to the totalitarian regimes in Cuba and Venezuela and said that the president has taken “the side of the tyranny” of Castro.

With respect to the Venezuelan regime, Diaz-Balart said he was “deeply disappointed” by President Biden’s “unilateral” decision to “relax” the sanctions imposed against socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro and his entourage.

Diaz-Balart insists, Democrats resist

On the other hand, the Republican representative for Florida’s 25th District stressed that Congress has repeatedly asked Biden to facilitate the arrival of Internet to the island of Cuba and thus allow Cubans to communicate among themselves and with the world.

“The United States can, immediately, make it possible for all Cubans to communicate with each other through some kind of Internet,” Diaz-Balart said. “That we have begged him, we have asked President Biden, and so far for some reason he refuses to do even the slightest thing to help the cause of freedom for the Cuban people.”

The congressman explained that, although there are several proposals in the House on the paths to follow with respect to the Cuban dictatorship, the Democratic leadership has obstructed any attempt to move forward. It even refused, according to Diaz-Balart, to issue a resolution rejecting human rights abuses in Cuba. “For some reason, the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate, and particularly the White House, have sided with tyranny and not with the Cuban people,” Diaz-Balart said.

Finally, Diaz-Balart sent a message of strength and resistance to the Cuban people, and said he was proud of the Venezuelan, Nicaraguan and Cuban communities in exile, “who do not stop fighting for the cause of freedom”.

In July, Rep. Diaz-Balart introduced a resolution before the House in support of the protests that took place that month in Cuba and received only Republican signatures.

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