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Disney+’s Willow: 20 Minutes to Know It’s Another Woke Disaster

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Disney+ has just released a new series about Willow, the dark fantasy film written and produced by George Lucas in the 1980s. As expected, after only 20 minutes of viewing, it is confirmed that this is another woke revision that deconstructs a beloved classic.

The Willow series picks up a few decades after the original film’s story, and introduces us to some of the classic characters played by the same actors, such as Queen Sorsha and the wizard Willow himself, as well as a number of new characters who fulfill one by one all the must-have characteristics of the woke style manual.

Willow on Disney+, another hodgepodge with gender ideology

Princess Kit is the young heir to Queen Sorsha’s throne, but she doesn’t want a life at court, she wants to be a warrior. Her mother, the queen, has changed a lot since the original movie to fit the current woke narrative. Although she herself was a rebellious warrior, she now imposes on her daughter to behave like the future queen she is.

Life as a young heiress is very hard, it seems. While she wants to perfect her already innate -because she is a woman- combat skills by training with her friend Jade, her mother forces her to wear stupid and uncomfortable dresses. They have also arranged her marriage to a prince from a neighboring kingdom, and sure enough, when she goes to taverns with her twin brother and they ask for water and liquor respectively, they serve the liquor to him and the water to her, in a clear example of “microaggression.”

Apparently, the kingdom of Tir Asleen, despite being ruled by a woman and its heir being another female, is the epicenter of the oppressive heteropatriarchy of this fantasy world. Princess Kit’s brother is presented as a passionate womanizer -and idiot- to whom his mother indulges all his dalliances and idiocy while demanding too much from poor Kit. Fortunately, she makes up for it by ridiculing his fickleness and giving him lessons whenever she has the chance.

The other male character – to whom Kit has been betrothed – is shown, instead, as a bland and disaffected – and idiotic – prince, whom the princess is already correcting and making a fool of in public at the drop of a hat.

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough that the princess protagonist is going to be another typical empowered -and insufferable- feminist female character, 20 minutes in, her lesbianism is confirmed. Although maybe I’m jumping the gun and she’s actually bisexual or gender fluid. What is certain is that Princess Kit, with her friend Jade, doesn’t just like to practice the noble art of sword fighting.

Then, the castle is invaded by surprise by some monsters, or whatever, and they kidnap the far-from-brilliant prince Arik, whose rescue by his empowered sister I imagine the series will focus on, but by then I had my eyes rolled back in my head at the umpteenth Disney woke deconstruction, and decided not to continue wasting my time and stopped watching it; which I advise you to do if you are also sick of seeing over and over again the same feminist and gender cant.

Disney+'s Willow: Only 20 Minutes to Know It's Another Dump
As expected, professional critics praise the series, while the public despises it (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

Evidently, given the predictable failure of the series, Disney will say that it is due to the homophobia and misogyny of their “toxic fans”, although I do not rule out that they will also blame it on achondroplasiaphobia, so as not to recognize that wokeism has gotten out of hand.

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