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Former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher: Biden and Military Leaders Must Resign After Afghanistan ‘Debacle’

Eddie Gallagher

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El American Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna sat down for an exclusive interview with former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and his wife Andrea to discuss the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban after the catastrophic withdrawal of American troops.

Anna Paulina Luna interviews Eddie and Andrea Gallagher on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Gallagher comments that, despite supporting the decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of intervention, he found it “poorly executed” and “disgusting to watch.”

“Seeing how we’re just leaving the Afghans behind, watching the Taliban roll in and executing people as they do it, I think people need to be held accountable,” Gallagher said.

The former SEAL said both “the president needs to resign” and the “top military leadership” must take responsibility and step down. “This has been an epic failure and in the community I come from, if you plan an operation and it goes to hell and people die, you get fired, and that’s what should be going on right now,” he added.

Andrea Gallagher believes that the memory of all those who fought and lost their lives over the last 20 years in Afghanistan is being disrespected, in what she believes is “the worst debacle in the history” of the United States.

“We are seeing this play out on a national and international stage the embarrassment that this administration has caused,” Andrea said, and continued to express concern about the additional troops that will be sent to complete the plan, as this could cause further innocent casualties. “American troops will have to go back [to Afghanistan] to fix this mess this administration made.”

Eddie thinks that, unlike the usual protocol in which possible contingency scenarios are planned for, this time that was not the case. “I’m not even sure what their plan was,” he said. He further estimated that the plan “clearly wasn’t thought through” and that “a lot of lies” were told to Americans in recent weeks.

“That Afghan forces can stand up for themselves, that Afghanistan is stable, has been a blatant lie this whole time,” Gallagher said. “All of us who have been over there fighting for the last twenty years knew that the Afghans could not perform without us being there with them.”

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