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Europe Is Starting to Turn to The Right, Is the Old Continent Getting Tired of Progressivism?

Europe Is Starting to Turn to The Right, Is the Old Continent Getting Tired of Progressivism?

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IT SEEMS that European social democracy is at its lowest point of popularity since last year. The continuing energy, migration, and economic crises have begun to arouse the rejection of a large part of the population, who now find themselves in a daily struggle against well-maintained bureaucrats who now want to establish even the number of hours that citizens can use the air conditioning.

During the last decades, there has been a predominant consensus driven by the European Union on the progressivism to follow throughout the region, because of this, the governments of countries like Poland and Hungary, who suffered in the flesh communism and do not want socialist recipes in their countries seasoned with Goodism, have suffered the constant onslaught of EU bureaucrats and media in the region. However, it seems that Poland and Hungary’s struggle will soon find new allies.

According to all the polls, the right will soon take power in Italy, and not timidly, but at least 60% of the seats, and Italian leftists have even pointed out that, if there is no reaction, the figure could increase to 70%, bringing Giorgia Meloni to power with a very wide lead.

But Italy is not an isolated event, even the Swedish social democratic community seems to be turning its back on the left, since in a very close election, the right is expected to take power, with only one seat more than the coalition led by social democrats, a scenario unthinkable until a few days ago.

During the last decades, the interference of the European Union in the internal affairs of the countries of the region has aroused the rejection of a large part of the population and of political groups that see their influence diminishing in favor of the Brussels bureaucrats. This, among many other reasons, led to the United Kingdom’s exit from the union, and as the EU tries to impose its progressive guidelines by force across the continent, we are likely to see more citizens voting against those who seek to reinforce the infinite power of Brussels and giving their backing to those who seek more freedom and independence for the regions of the community.

Sweden and Italy could join the fight of Poland and Hungary, will we soon see an absolute change in the region?

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