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Fox News Journalist Injured in Ukraine

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A Fox News journalist was injured on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine. This was reported by the network on Monday in a statement sent to its employees. The correspondent was identified as Benjamin Hall.

“He was injured while newsgathering outside of Kyiv in Ukraine. We have a minimal level of details right now, but Ben is hospitalized and our teams on the ground are working to gather additional information as the situation quickly unfolds,” the media outlet said in the document.

Fox News journalist injured in Ukraine

Fox News values the work of journalists

The media outlet explained that the situation is a demonstration of the work that correspondents do to cover the crisis occurring in Ukraine. “This is a stark reminder for all journalists who are putting their lives on the line every day to deliver the news from a war zone,” Fox News said.

And it argued that “the war has killed hundreds of civilians and injured thousands, while the number of military casualties is not immediately clear.”

This Sunday, Ukrainian authorities reported the first murder during the war of an international journalist. It is Brent Renaud, who had worked in previous years for The New York Times, and died after a Russian attack.

The information was confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament. On Twitter, the legislature published a photo of Renaud’s ID and another one of his passport confirming that he is an American citizen.

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