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France’s Choice!


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Tomorrow, French citizens will decide who their next president (2022-2027) will be. The next hours are, then, of the utmost importance, as the Gaul nation risks its local solidity and international credibility.

Although lesser than what it used to be, France’s relevance should not be downplayed, particularly in times of war. France remains one of the world’s biggest nuclear powers and is, consistently, a major decision-maker in continental Europe. Germany is richer, yes, but the Gauls are still more resourceful and influential.

The choice mirrors that of 2017: Emmanuel Macron versus Marine Le Pen. Just like her father before her, Le Pen’s bet is built on hatred and xenophobia. Madame Le Pen, as the candidates’ most recent debate showed, knows nothing about economy and diplomacy. To make things worse, her party owes 9 million euros to a Russian bank, seriously questioning her independence.

The current president, on the other hand, does not embody a revolution. Somewhat arrogant and absolutely detached from the people he vows to represent, Mr. Macron is a bitter choice for those who voted for any of the other nine candidates twenty days ago. However, Macron has a vision for France, and it’s a vision that is rooted in the country’s traditions and its most urgent challenge: the future.

France’s choice, whatever it may be, is not just a choice for the country or Europe, it’s a choice for the world.

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