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Jack Posobiec Detained Outside World Economic Forum

Posobiec, El American

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Conservative journalist and host Jack Posobiec was arrested Monday in Davos, Switzerland, during the first day of the annual convention of the World Economic Forum (WEF.)

Swiss authorities refused to state a reason for Posobiec’s detention. However, the journalist told The Post Millennial that police detained him for looking “suspicious” while filming with his equipment at the entrance to the WEF headquarters.

Posobiec’s message to Klaus Schwab

According to his testimony, Posobiec presented the police with his identity papers and journalist’s pass an hour before the arrest. The authorities asked him why the Turning Point USA organization was present at the forum.

In a live broadcast from Davos, Posobiec told Charlie Kirk that the police asked him to hand over the video footage his team had captured so far and subsequently tried to separate him from his colleagues.

After his release, Posobiec sent a message to Klaus Schwab, founder and leader of the WEF: “Mr. Schwab, we’re not going anywhere.”

Hours after the event, Posobiec stated on Twitter that, at the time of the arrest, he had in his possession three copies of the information contained on Hunter Biden’s “infamous” laptop that were not searched or seized by the police.

“I have 3 copies of the Hunter Biden hard drive on me today,” the commentator tweeted. “WEF Police didn’t get them. Better luck next time!”

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