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Rep. Kat Cammack: ‘We Have a Trafficker-in-Chief in the White House’

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During the America First Agenda Summit of the America First Policy Institute this Tuesday in Washington D.C., U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), spoke about the illegal migration crisis on the southern border, where there has been a wave of human trafficking, including children.

“We have a trafficker-in-chief in the White House, and he needs to be called out as such,” Cammack said of Biden. “The cartels control 40 percent of Mexico. Can you imagine if we said Antifa controls 40 percent of the United States? This is insane,” said Cammack.

Cammack holds FEMA and Big Tech accountable

The congresswoman also spoke about the methods that human traffickers and illegal immigrants use to achieve their goals, and singled out big tech companies as “complicit” in the problem.

“I also think we need to hold Big Tech accountable,” Cammack added. “Pull up your phones, pull up any social media app, type in the search bar ‘cruzando la frontera’. You will find advertisements for people to take you anywhere in the United States for any price.”

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Cammack noted that human traffickers across the southern border of the United States, popularly known as coyotes, handle their “logistics” through mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. As such, Cammack explains, these platforms are “complicit in human trafficking” and must face their responsibility before justice.

Cammack also singled out the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for funding flights and bus rides to relocate illegal immigrants across the country, and called for a “thorough” review of the programs arranged by the federal government for that purpose.

“I had the Secretary lie to my face and say that FEMA was not paying for plane tickets and bus passes. That’s a lie. Over $130 million have gone out of FEMA pockets into the purchasing of airline tickets to move people around the United States. $130 million just last year,” said Cammack.

According to a New York Post report, the Democratic administration  “hides” behind charitable organizations to fund illegal immigration. The report indicates that, even before crossing the border, migrants receive debit cards loaded with $800 a month and that, although distributed by the Organization for Migration, the money comes from the State Department.

Once in the country, the migrants are directed to Catholic charities such as Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, run by Sister Norma Pimentel, which receives money from FEMA to feed and relocate illegal migrants.

The Post report estimates that FEMA has directed at least $2.2 million to fund these organizations in the Washington, D.C. area alone.

“Remember: we have a country at stake, and a nation that does not have a secure border is not a sovereign nation. This is a national security issue, this is a public health issue, this is a humanitarian issue, and we have to put this first and foremost on the agenda when we take back the House in January,” Cammack concluded.