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NYC Fires 1,430 Unvaccinated Public Workers

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Last Friday, the largest simultaneous layoff in the history New York City took place. At least 1,430 workers who decided not to comply with the mandate of vaccination promoted by the government of the Democrat Eric Adams lost their jobs.

Largest simultaneous layoff in NYC history: thousands of workers lose their jobs for not being vaccinated

Simultaneous layoff

On Thursday, The New York Times had reported that at least 3,000 employees were at risk of losing their jobs for not being vaccinated against COVID-19. The layoff took place anyway, even though 1,430 of them, took to the city streets to call for an end to the mandate.

“Their pleas were rebuffed by Mayor Eric Adams, who reaffirmed the city’s impending ultimatum: If city workers don’t get vaccinated, they will be fired,” NYT reviewed.

New York (United States), The mayor said that the simultaneous dismissal would be due to the employees’ refusal to be vaccinated. (EFE)

City government officials explained to the NYT that the workers had already had their pay suspended for their refusal to be vaccinated. The situation comes at a time when, according to the newspaper’s estimates, 95% of the city’s 370,000 workers have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Refusals against mandatory vaccination

It all comes at a time when various personalities oppose mandatory vaccination. Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have pushed for measures to prevent the mandate.

In fact, the United Nations (UN) also explained that “compulsory vaccination is not allowable under any circumstances”.

An article published by El American reported that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet told a seminar on access to medicines and vaccines that while human rights do not prohibit vaccination mandates, they do impose limits on when and how they should be applied.

“They must be provided for by law, with adequate procedural guarantees, including the right to request a waiver and the right to appeal any form of sanction before an impartial and independent authority,” Bachelet said.

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