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Let the January 6 Clown Show Begin!

¡Que comience el show de payasos del 6 de enero!


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The events of January 6 regrettably became the DNC’s strategy for winning elections, tarnishing an entire political party, and blocking former President Trump from running for office again, ultimately baring you—the American people—from your constitutionally-protected right of voting in elections.

The so-called “bi-partisan” January 6 Committee consists of anti-Trump Republicans and Democratic officials (all of whom, of course, would never support a GOP president). On its debut night, this highly-prepared show—produced by a TV executive—flooded cable news with lies and political soundbites, all sponsored by your hard-earned tax dollars.

What Is This Really All About?

El American has been clear that those who assaulted officers, broke the law, and maliciously entered our nation’s Capitol should face prosecution. That does not mean, however, that all individuals who joined the January 6 protest engaged in criminal conduct and that the GOP and those who still support Trump are immoral individuals. This committee is nothing but a complete effort to tarnish an entire wave of America-loving patriots and conservatives.

It started with the Russia Collusion/Hacking Hoax and both impeachments, leaving us with this new variant of Trump-derangement syndrome called: January 6. These individuals know the danger Trump poses to their status quo, and for that reason, they will always try to take him down and anyone who even closely supported Trumpism. Cheney made that clear when she threatened her GOP colleagues saying, “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

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Exposing the Democrats’ Hypocrisy

If these elected officials truly cared about preventing the certification of our electoral college, when will they initiate the hearings and prosecute those Democrats, particularly the Congressional Black Caucus, who in 2001 strongly launched an effort to block the certification of Florida’s 25 electoral voters for then-President-elect George Bush? Don’t believe me? Read the New York Times on Jan. 7, 2001: “Over Some Objections, Congress Certifies Electoral Vote.”

How about in 2005, when Democrats yet again “lodged a formal challenge to the electoral voters from Ohio” citing “voting irregularities” in that state? See the NYT on Jan. 7, 2005: “Congress Ratifies Bush Victory After Challenge.” They, of course, returned in 2017 when Trump was elected. Once again—read the NYT on Jan. 6, 2021: “‘It Is Over’: Democrats’ Efforts to Deny Trump Presidency Fail.

There is no endgame for the Democrats and their political shenanigans.

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