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Sen. Marco Rubio Defends Freedom in CPAC Speech

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“When freedom is lost and it’s eroded, it is so hard to reclaim it and to get it back,” said Republican Senator Marco Rubio during the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2022, which began Thursday in Orlando.

Rubio explained that the situation the United States is going through is due to the impulse of socialist and Marxist ideas in the country. He said that for at least 20 years, leftist ideas have been infused in the different aspects of American life.

Conference puts freedom at the center

The senator also spoke about the crisis in Ukraine and stressed that, regardless of one’s position on the issue, everyone should recognize the courage of the Ukrainians in defending their territory.

During his speech, Rubio agreed with Senator Ted Cruz and stressed the importance of a free society. Cruz noted at the opening of the event that any accumulation of power is a danger to freedom.

“Big government sucks, big business sucks, Big Tech, big Hollywood, big universities, any accumulation of power that is centralized is fundamentally dangerous for individual liberty,” Cruz said.

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