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Nicaraguan Ambassador Distances Himself from Daniel Ortega and Denounces Dictatorship

Embajador de Nicaragua denuncia al régimen de Ortega en la OEA: “Defender lo indefendible es imposible”

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“I have to speak out even if I am afraid, even if my future and that of my family is uncertain. I have to speak because if I don’t, the stones themselves will speak for me,” said Nicaragua’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Arturo McFields Yescas, to denounce the situation in his country.

McFields was appointed by Ortega as ambassador to the OAS in October last year. He assured this Wednesday at the General Assembly session of the organization that he decided to speak “on behalf of more than 177 political prisoners and more than 350 people who have lost their lives in Nicaragua since 2018.”

The diplomat added that “denouncing the dictatorship in my country is not easy, but to remain silent and defend the indefensible is impossible.”

Nicaraguan Ambassador says there is hope

McFields also explained that last November, days before Nicaragua announced its exit from the OAS, he asked the Foreign Ministry for the release of 20 elderly opposition prisoners and 20 others in delicate health. However, the regime did not comply with his request.

Nicaragua’s ambassador denounced the Ortega regime before the OAS. (Image: EFE)

“In the government, nobody listens and nobody talks, I tried several times during several months, but all doors were closed to me. There is no freedom to publish a simple tweet,” he said.

Despite the lack of freedoms in Nicaragua, the diplomat maintained that “there is hope.” He further pointed out that “people inside the government and outside are tired of the dictatorship.” “More and more people are going to say enough is enough, because the light is always stronger than the darkness,” McFields concluded.

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