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Not Everything Can Be White Privilege, Joy Behar

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The legendary Wendy Williams, whom we wish a speedy recovery and return to her show, used to say that sometimes we should tell something good about a person before we proceed to attack them.

I have always thought — like Wendy — that Joy Behar is an extraordinarily funny woman. I see her as an “aunt in my head” with whom I could spend hours laughing at everything and everyone. However, there are times when her political reasoning strikes me as simply insane.

Behar, one of the socialists on The View panel along with Sunny Hostin, criticized President Joe Biden for attempting to build bridges of dialogue with the Republican Party and asserted that his attempts to negotiate with the opposition are a demonstration of his white privilege.

Referring to the fierce Republican opposition to Democratic policies, the iconic host questioned: “How dense was Biden, really, in these instances? I don’t care that you’re a white privileged senator. You’re a white privilege senator in the United States Congress and so you believe that other white privilege guys will work with you, but they won’t. And they don’t.”

Joy, it seems to me that your reasoning is simply excessive. The basis of all democracy is checks and balances. You cannot expect anything but resistance from the opposition. You can’t pass laws if the governing party can’t find unity.

The problem is not in Biden’s willingness to negotiate with the Republicans —something I think is healthy in any democracy —, but in the fact that the intransigence of both sides prevents progress. As collateral damage: the disastrous popularity of your beloved president. Not everything comes down to white privilege in politics. The failure of the Democratic administration after one year in office is more than evident. It’s already 12 months of hearing you say, “you can’t expect me to fix 4 years of disaster in this time.” However, dear Joy, after one year in office, I am afraid that the road to the end of this government is not promising at all.

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