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Pedro Castillo, Peru’s New President, Appoints Communist as Prime Minister

Pedro Castillo designa primer ministro a un comunista investigado por apología al terrorismo

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The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, began his radical agenda to transform Peru by appointing communist Guido Bellido, investigated for terrorism apology, as head of the ministerial cabinet after participating in a symbolic act in the Pampa de La Quinua, near the southern Andean city of Ayacucho.

Bellido is from the closest circle to Vladimir Cerron, the founder of Peru Libre, a party that declares itself socialist and Marxist.

Throughout the electoral campaign for the second round, Castillo made an effort to moderate his discourse to distance himself from the figure of Cerrón and insisted that the government would be his and his alone.

Bellido, a 41-year-old electronic engineer with no previous experience in a position of popular representation, is the first face unveiled by Castillo, who has been hermetic in the last weeks.

The Marxist agenda for Peru

The new prime minister is the regional secretary of Peru Libre in his native region of Cusco, where he was elected congressman in the general elections of last April 11.

During the electoral campaign, Bellido made no secret of his support for Cerrón and, like him, was one of the most radical members of the Marxist party.

His name did not figure among those being considered for the position of Prime Minister and his appointment was as unexpected as it was controversial, not only because of his profile being close to the controversial figure of Cerrón, but also because of the investigation for terrorism apology.

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