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Pfizer Seeks Approval for Third ‘Booster’ Vaccine Against COVID-19 Variant

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The pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced Thursday that they are developing a booster dose against the delta variant and that they have requested authorization from the authorities for its application.

In a statement, accessed by EFE, both companies expressed their belief that a third injection of their current vaccine (which requires two doses) has the potential to maintain the “highest levels” of protection against all current variants, including delta.

Pfizer plans to update the vaccine

In this regard, they also explained that they remain vigilant and are developing an updated version of the vaccine.

“As seen in real-world evidence published by the Israeli Ministry of Health, vaccine efficacy has dropped six months after vaccination, at the same time that the delta variant is becoming dominant in that country,” the companies said in the statement.

The drugmakers said the findings in Israel are consistent with studies conducted by the companies that have previously reported that a third dose of the vaccine may be needed six to 12 months after the second jab.

According to the note, the clinical trials could start in August, if they are approved by the competent authorities.

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