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Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Executive Orders

Joe Biden

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A survey by Harvard University and Harris Insights and Analytics found that a group of executive orders signed by President Joe Biden are disliked by Americans.

According to the poll, at least 55% of Americans surveyed disapprove of Biden’s order to “force schools to allow biological boys who identify as girls to participate in girls’ sports, and vice versa.”

Also, with the same percentage, the measure to “reduce the deportation of those who are in the United States illegally and who have committed crimes unrelated to national security” was disapproved.

The decisions to ban travel, eliminate the Keystone XL pipeline and suspend construction of the border wall with Mexico received 50%, 53% and 47% disapproval.

In addition, 64% of those polled consider the January 6th riots on Capitol Hill to be used by “politicians to repress legitimate political movements”.

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