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Rubio: ‘The Extremist on Abortion in this Campaign is Congresswoman Demings’

"La extremista del aborto en esta campaña es la congresista Demings": Rubio expone a su oponente en el primer debate

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Last Tuesday, the first debate between Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Val Demings took place. The most prominent issues of the day were abortion, guns, illegal immigration and voting rights. The candidates had moments that undoubtedly influenced the electoral race for a seat in the Senate. One of the highlights occurred when the Republican asserted that the Democrat supports and pushes for funding abortion up to the last stage of pregnancy. In response to Demings’ attacks, who accused the Republican of being against abortion, Rubio said that what he does not agree with is that there is no limit or regulations with thar measure. “The extremist on abortion in this campaign is Congresswoman Demings. She supports no restrictions, no limitations of any kind. She’s against a four-month ban, she voted against a five-month ban. She supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand for any reason at any time up until the moment of birth. That’s what she supports, that’s the extreme position here,” Rubio said.
He added: “First of all, I am pro-life, and I want to clarify that every bill has exceptions. I am here to support the life of the unborn and she the opposite.” “Senador, ¿qué tan crédulos cree que son los votantes de Florida?”, fue una de las preguntas que soltó Demings, tras la afirmación de Rubio de que ella apoya el aborto hasta los nueve meses.

Marco Rubio on guns and the border

Another of the issues in which Rubio left the Democratic candidate exposed, it was when they talked about the free carrying of firearms. The Republican defended the Second Amendment, while Demings accused him of not defending the citizens of Florida. Demings is a 1980s graduate of the Police Academy and in 2007 was appointed chief of police for the City of Orlando, the first woman to hold that position. “One of the first things I did when I got back to Washington is I sponsored a bipartisan red flag law styled after Florida, not the crazy one they just passed. A real red flag law that would allow the police department to go before a judge and remove your guns if they can prove you are a danger. The one they passed allows some co-worker that doesn’t like you to go to some liberal judge and take away your second amendment rights,” Rubio argued.
But the focus of the debate was on the immigration issue. Val Demings defended the open borders policy of the democratic government and appealed for more funding for border agents. Marco Rubio insisted on the need to promote secure borders that allow for orderly and safe migration. “We are a nation of laws. I enforced them for more than 20 years. We need to make sure men and women at the border have the resources they need,” Demings commented. In response to the Democrat’s statements, Rubio finally argued that “There is no country in the world that can tolerate, permit or afford 5,000 people arriving each day at the border and say the magic word and get asylum.”

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